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Sometimes, there’s a confluence of events that opens a door to great opportunities. As a lifetime believer of silver linings, this is what I think the coronavirus, economic, and racial pandemics we are going through right now could represent: an unprecedented opportunity to make substantial sustainable positive…

America is at a crossroads where citizens have to decide what kind of leadership and society they want. Our only hope for grace, civility, and peace to eventually win out over anger, hatred, and despair is for these tragedies to inspire and lead to a new normal for our…

I’ve posted numerous articles on trade candidates whom the Lakers should consider targeting this offseason but have avoided looking at Fred VanVleet because he is free agent who is projected to attract offers in the $15 to 18 million per year range which is more than the $9.7 million…

When opportunity knocks, great players and teams answer. That’s how legacies are built. We all knew when the Lakers signed 35-year old LeBron James that the clock was clicking and LeBron’s and the Lakers’ championship window was not as long as the four-year contract he signed. The fact that…

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