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LOL. More like a poor man’s Anthony Davis!

LOL. Dodgers and Clippers are really the Los Angeles Chokers.

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Talen Horton-Tucker Wants Next View Comment
  • @thomashwong
  • October 25, 2020

THT can play. I’ve removed him from my primary list of Lakers’ trading chips.

Why would Oladipo leave? The Lakers would have his Bird rights via the trade and could sign him to a max deal no problem. In fact, trading for a guy in Victor’s situation is the only way the Lakers can end up with three superstars short of LeBron taking a huge cut in pay. That’s the home run in making an Oladipo trade.

I’m probably being too rough on Pat because the Miami reporter was relentless but you can’t just bring up the ‘A’ word in that situation. A classless slip by a class guy who needs to apologize.

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