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Ah. True, that makes it your title I take umbrage with sir!

Then make the title reflect the content. If you’re telling me that we’re going to talk now about something we might agree on in 10-15 years then I’ll counter with that’s the sort of vapid and insipid editorializing that has corroded our every day news cycle. Useless discussion at this point. There are easily 10 big men ahead of AD on the All Time list (most of them Lakers at one point or another so he’s on the right team to get in on this) and to be honest AD hasn’t even won an NBA MVP in the era he’s in. Not selling AD short but the accolades are what drives conversations like this. 7 clips from the NBA playoffs in the Bubble isn’t worth the time it took to read this article.

Actually everything I’ve read says he plans on opting in…

Regardless, whenever he has to make that decision by that will be a large piece of the puzzle solved, at least to some degree.

I did not. I both hope he opts in and stays a Laker.

Pretty sure that the article’s title is “Davis May be the Best Big Man of All Time”…

Yep, yep it is. #clickbait

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